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2/2/2016 9:56:00 AM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

London called, we listened: Bett 2016

We know you haven’t heard of us for a while but we’re working hard to announce big news soon. To “unwind” a bit, we dropped by in London, to attend Bett 2016.

If you’re into education, you’ve probably heard about it. But just to be sure, Bett is a unique show full of ed tech innovation and inspiration, this year held between January 20 and January 23 in London.

Corinth didn’t have its own stand but you could see us at every corner. Have you seen our models at the stand of Dell, Toshiba or someone else? We'd love to thank all our partners for that amazing experience!

What would be an app without a team behind it?

It was not just Corinth Classroom presented on Bett but also a part of our great team: Veronika, Daniel, Mark, Martin and Matous. You could see them presenting Corinth Classroom, networking with Microsoft Innovative teachers and Apple Distinguished Educators or visiting lectures. Have you met any of them?

You might recall Martin, he was quite noticeable, he didn’t make a step without his vacuum bottle, sharing a cup of fresh hot tea with everyone willing to taste it.

Or Veronika? She was in the center of attention thanks to her perfect Spanish, giving everyone around the opportunity to choose the language of her presentation.

How to finish a Britain related article? The Corinth five was glad to see that even the British proverbial gloomy weather can show its kinder face: it didn’t rain during their stay so they could enjoy London without an umbrella.

Looking forward to seeing you, Bett 2017.

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