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3/15/2016 11:43:00 AM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Apportunities knocking

Did you hear a slight knocking on your door last week? If so, we hope you opened, it might have been an apportunity!

This year, the 8th of March was not just the International Women’s Day but also a day that celebrated educational apps. Why? The Live Educast Stream was held on that day. It had a fitting name – Apportunity  Knocking: Will you Answer? – and focused on a potential of apps in education. 

The educast is regularly organized by Microsoft and this time Corinth Classroom got into its spotlight. All the three speakers that took part in the stream are connected to Corinth.

The first one, Jeff Gearhart, is a Corinth Pilot Educator, MIEE Fellow from Brinnon District in Washington, US. Shafaque Riaz is also an MIEE, she’s from Dubai and is also Corinth Pilot Educator. Martin Bukacek is our Community Shaman and if you’re interested in piloting Corinth Classroom app, he’s the one who will take care of you.

Jeff Gearhart shared his experience with the app in a classroom. “I guarantee students will be more engaged if they have something like this in their hands,” he said. And the reactions of his students confirm that:

Jeff was followed by Martin who shared how Corinth gets inspired by teachers while developing the product. He explained that our aim is to help teachers to create light-bulb moments which would be impossible without mutual cooperation.

To conclude, Shafaque Riaz presented all the amazing opportunities that teachers have when using ClassDojo. Do you use this app? It's one of our favorites.

We’re happy we could take part in such an amazing event. After logging in, you can see the record of the stream. If you’d like to take part in piloting Corinth Classroom app, you can find more information here and contact us.