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7/1/2015 1:51:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Corinth’s interactive 3D will be preinstalled on zSpace‘s immersive virtual reality devices

We’ve got some big news for you! Corinth and zSpace´s just announced partnership at the ISTE 2015 expo in Philadelphia, PA, US. Now schools all around the world will have a chance to buy and use our interactive 3D content on zSpace‘s immersive virtual reality devices!

zSpace is a leading-edge education technology provider that enables real world virtual reality in the classroom, based in California, US. Some of you’ve already had a chance to see Corinth‘s 3D on zSpace devices at BETT London 2015, where zSpace won Bett Awards for the best digital device in education! See a video featuring Corinth made by Microsoft, or read our article from this year’s Bett London. Now, zSpace are going to preinstall Corinth Classroom as a part of integrated software bundle in all their virtual reality devices.

So far, Corinth’s popular 3D content has been used in 109 countries, running on ordinary tablets, computers or interactive whiteboards and other touch screen devices. Now, integrated with zSpace’s devices, Corinth‘s models use all the possibilities of virtual reality and some additional features.

The collaboration between the companies allows for expanded content and application library for grades two through 12 with more than 200 activities aligned to state and national standards of the US. Schools can purchase zSpace STEM Labs with the Corinth Classroom software bundles in units of 12 systems, which are then set up as pods or labs, introduced into the core curriculum and utilized by multiple grade levels.

“As a leader in interactive 3D, we are always aiming to push boundaries further,” said Corinth CEO Ondrej Homola. “Joining forces with the leading company in virtual reality solutions in education – zSpace - was a logical step. We are excited to change science class into immersive experience with Corinth Classroom digital content and zSpace devices.”

When combined with zSpace’s interactive virtual reality solution, Corinth Classroom 3D models appear to float above the display in open space. The zSpace display tracks head movements to provide students with a personal and immersive virtual reality experience. Students can then “lift” images from the display using a device called stylus, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of science and engineering concepts. Teachers can personalize activities and choose what appears in the zSpace learning environment from a wide range of subjects ranging from architecture and history to engineering and zoology.

“In the 2014-2015 school year, students and teachers are already realizing extraordinary results learning with solutions from zSpace and Corinth. Students are engaged with learning science concepts at a much deeper level, collaborating in teams and using critical thinking skills to solve complex challenges,” said Paul Kellenberger, CEO of zSpace. “This partnership with Corinth will only make this immersive learning experience even more compelling and realistic.”

The companies are showcasing their solution this week at the ISTE 2015 Conference & Expo in Philadelphia, the premier education technology event drawing more than 18,000 attendees each year. You can read zSpace’s Official Press Release on their webpage

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