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4/4/2016 2:11:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Corinth Classroom is available on LifeLiQe!

Dear Friends and Partners:

We have two big pieces of news to share with you and we hope you’ll be as excited as we are! In April, we’re launching a new visual learning platform called LifeLiQe where we are presenting Corinth Classroom. Corinth Classroom is our content and LifeLiQe is our content hub. To learn about the details of our big news, just read on.

1. We're happy to say Corinth Classroom is doing better than ever.

  • We have bundled Corinth Classroom into HP Education devices and also virtual reality (VR) devices from zSpace.
  • We are about to celebrate the publishing of our 1,000th interactive three-dimensional (3D) model!
  • We’ve almost finished translating all of our content into Spanish.
  • We’re working on lesson plans and activities that will inspire you about the different ways you can use Corinth Classroom in your teaching and learning every day.
  • We’ve added an augmented reality (AR) feature into our models so you can have dinosaurs and potato beetles running and flying around your screen! Try it out-we'd love your feedback.
  • You already know the magic that our PowerPoint integration can do. Well, we added Keynote!

Too many excited updates? Read on to see even more.

2. In response to overwhelming market demand, we’re launching our sister company: LifeLiQe. Corinth will continue focusing on publishing interactive 3D content with its main product, Corinth Classroom. LifeLiQe is our visual learning platform and new content hub presenting Corinth Classroom content. Corinth's co-founders and our original investor are all involved in LifeLiQe.

Schools, educators, students and their parents worldwide spoke about their need for one place where they could gain direct access to all of our interactive 3D models. And we listened! LifeLiQe will deliver it directly into schools as well as homes for the first time.

What does all of this mean for you? We are kicking off our B2B launch for certain countries in the Windows Store in April. Then during the second quarter of 2016 we will launch our consumer version on Windows 10.

LifeLiQe is the result of our four year experience of building Corinth. Thanks to your honest feedback, cooperation with our partners and our international traction, we learned of several key deployment challenges that schools are facing.

The LifeLiQe platform solves all of these problems:

  • Limited internet connectivity in many schools. We learned the best user experience is a native app downloaded to your device, and not web-based.
  • Different operating systems and different devices on which schools want to use the same software.
  • Strong need for flexible management of licenses by schools, districts and partners, who are in charge of wide deployments.
  • Teachers and parents often prefer individual subscriptions, while schools usually prefer purchasing an entire license.

There are even more challenges we´re solving. Read on.

So, we’ve built an awesome piece of technology into the LifeLiQe platform to address all of those problems! What can you do next?

  • Download LifeLiQe for iOS now. For the first time you can get all of Corinth Classroom’s content presented on the LifeLiQe iOS app in the Apple App Store: 
  • Sign-up for LifeLiQe for Windows now. Our beloved Windows users will be able to try soon our Windows app before our official launch in the Windows Store this Spring. (please, let us know at

We’re excited and curious to learn what you think! Let us know at


Always yours,

Ondrej Homola,

Corinth and LifeLiQe co-founder, CEO 
& your whole Corinth and LifeLiQe team

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