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2/18/2015 10:55:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

We're Bringing You the Corinth Classroom Lite!

We're bringing you Corinth Classroom Lite! A new demo version of our cutting-edge digital education tool Corinth Classroom, following great success of its beta version Corinth Classroom B. Download it from the Microsoft Store or join the ranks of our pilot schools.

The Power of Engaged Classroom 

In the first quarter of last year we have released a beta version of the digital teaching aid Corinth Classroom - Corinth Classroom B ("B" for "beta"). Our goal was to verify that what we have created together with teachers from around the world really heard out the needs of the educational sector. Thanks to a feedback from more than 2500 dedicated teachers, students, experts, enthusiasts and university professors we have proved that we created a powerful and engaging edu tool. At the end of the beta phase we have secured our position as one of the top global partners of Microsoft in the field of education. After that we have released Corinth Classroom with five 3D object libraries: Human biology 1 and 2, animal biology, plant biology and geology. We are now working on adding more libraries to this list. Hundreds of brand new objects in new libraries are about to come.

Photo: The human heart inside the Corinth Classroom

What does Corinth Classrom has to offer to schools?

Cutting-edge, exciting 3D content running on cheap tablets, laptops, desktop comupters and interactive whiteboards and integrated into MS Office tools. It's a powerful, easy-to-use tool for engaging students, improving their will to learn. It also simplifies the preparation for class for teachers. Our data shows that even though the device uses advanced technologies, it's super-easy to handle.

Photo: Corinth Classroom in Portugal

All of the following features are available in the full version of Corinth Classroom too:

  • Interactive 3D objects and enviroments with zoom, rotation and highlighting of specific parts. "Get immersed in attractive content and amaze your class and classmates!"
  • Integration to MS Office 2010, 2013 and Office Mix. We're working on integration to MS Office 365 too. "Assemble your own textbook!"
  • Augmented reality. "Difficult topics explained easily and vividly."
  • 3D printing of content (at the moment available to pilot schools for free - join their ranks). Schools can print their own teaching aids, students can learn how to create teaching aids too and then print them. "Bring virtual reality to life."
  • Lite content is available in 19 languages: English, Arabic, Czech, Finnish, French, Latin, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Polish, Magyar, Italian and Hebrew. "Great for learning foreign languages."
  • The built-in fill in the blank mode for testing performance of students. "Take the fear out of exams."
  • Making and editing notes. 
  • Taking screenshots and sharing them. "Share your notes and discoveries and improve your learning projects."

Photo: Corinth Classroom in Poland

How to get Corinth Classroom?

Either download it from the Windows Store (you can access more free content by filling out the questionnaire) or join the Free School Pilot. What does the pilot program offer?

  • Corinth Classroom Lite for the whole school for free. Plus twice the content after the piloting is finished.
  • 3D printing of content.
  • Wide possibilities of cooperation with us and participating in our growing community. More information available on our website.

Corinth Classroom around the world

We've got some great feedback videos from more than twenty pilot schools. We've made a playlist and a short movie out of them, check it out:

Information for schools that are already piloting: License keys for unlocking additional content Corinth Classroom B that you have received from us are valid for Corinth Classroom Lite too.

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