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3/19/2015 6:48:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Corinth Classroom Tutorial: How to Use Interactive 3D Models

Welcome back to our Corinth Classroom tutorial series. We already taught you how to create amazing content with the Office mix and how to link Corinth Classroom to MS Office, today you are going to learn how to work with 3D objects inside our interactive edu-tool.

The magic of Corinth Classroom lies in the fact that it allows students to simulate real-life experience with 3D models of objects, human organs or natural phenomena. Corinth Classroom contains incorporates all the apps and content we introduced before: 3D objects, immersive microscopic zooms, augmented reality, but also a possibility of using it in MS Office and 3D printing! The aim is to provide different dimensions of experience and ways of using the content in practice!

  • You can highlight parts of the object. When you open the object in Corinth Classroom, a menu with different parts of the object will appear on the left side of the screen. By clicking on one of the parts, it will become highlighted. Great way to accompany your lecture! You can always highlight just the part you are talking about, thus drawing students' attention to it.
  • Next, you can rotate the object freely, allowing students to explore it from different angles. Need to see horses' legs and then switch to its head? No problem! It can all be done just by one click and a mouse movement or by simple finger controls on touch-screen devices. 
  • You can also zoom in to show them details and then zoom out to see it all in context.

Altogether, Corinth Classroom 3D models allow students to experience the object as if it was real. They can think about it in context, link various parts together and therefore understand it much better and easier.


Woud you like to try these objects yourselves? Download the Corinth Classroom demo - Corinth Classroom Lite - in the Windows Store. Browse the full Corinth Classroom content on our website!

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