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6/3/2015 3:49:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

Our cooperation with Charles University bears its fruit

To provide unique and first-rate content we collaborate with universities and scientific institutions all around the world. One of our number one partners in this field is Charles University in Prague, the oldest university in Central Europe founded in 1348. We presented the results of our cooperation on a press conference held the 2nd of June 2015 at Charles University. It allowed us to demonstrate that Czech education system follows the world trends and doesn’t stay behind.

The conference was arranged together with the representatives of Charles University and Ministry of Education, with the attendance of the rector of Charles University, professor Tomáš Zima, the vice dean of the Pedagogical Faculty, professor Michal Nedělka, the under-secretary of the Ministry of Education, Jaromír Veber, and, last but not least, Martin Bukáček, Public Engagement Manager of Corinth, did appear as well.

During the conference particular libraries of Corinth Classroom were presented by their guarantors, renowned scientists responsible for the correctness of the content.

The rector of Charles University, Professor Tomáš Zima, explains: “With this cooperation the university started to fulfil one of its most natural forms of transfer of knowledge, which is the development and implementation of innovations in education.”

Professor Jaromír Veber, the under-secretary of the minister of education, also praised the cooperation and mentioned some problems in current education.

“The number of computers and tablets doesn’t solve the problem, crucial is the high-quality content, this is why I’m glad that Czech schooling doesn’t stay behind in the production of digital content and that Charles University and Corinth can prove they belong to the world top,” Veber said.

The significance of visual education increases together with the number of children for whom the usage of modern devices is completely natural. This is why the educational institutions should respond to this trend.

“For the Pedagogical Faculty it is a priority to educate teachers in a way that will let them utilize in the classes everything modern visualization applications that allows them to,” added vice-dean of Pedagogical Faculty professor Michal Nedělka.

We are proud and pleased that the conference got in the spotlights of media and journalists! If you are either, find more information in Czech in a press release here and hereor just sit down comfortably and watch the whole conference in the video below.

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