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12/5/2014 12:41:00 PM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

"They’ve Used Augmented Reality Like No One Has Before," Said Innteach Co-Founder About Us

Teachers, learners, developers! Read an inspiring article by Innteach co-founder and our friend Ovi Barcelo for Microsoft in Education blog where he's highlighting some Windows 8 edu apps. Corinth included! Check it out for some other cool and useful apps.

"These guys from Prague, they’ve used augmented reality like no one has before. And it is not only about developing apps; it is about how they work to spread the voice of the educational change," says the article about us. And it doesn't stop there. According to the author we made some of the best edu apps on the market such as Corinth Micro series or Corinth Classroom.

And the ending is really touching: "So, next time you download an app, take one minute or two to think about these incredible people behind it. All their vision and effort is stored in those lines of code— this is how they are contributing, without being personally in the classrooms, to improve the skills of our students."


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