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4/22/2014 11:25:00 AM by CORINTH in Corinth Blog

We Bring You the Corinth Classroom B, a New Generation Teaching Aid

We in Corinth believe in the power of image, which can be touched, grabbed and felt. Our previous apps from the Corinth Micro series, such as Corinth Micro Plant, proved that visual immersion into three-dimensional learning environment provide teachers a powerful tool for explaining vast range of topics, mainly those that students cannot or don`t want to understand. It also engages them more in the education. 

Now we brought it to a whole new level with Corinth Classroom, a new generation of teaching apps for Windows 8, which connects visual technology that we have mastered and teaching tools that teachers know very well – MS Office.

Corinth Classroom lets teachers incorporate highly detailed 3D learning objects and environments into their own lesson preps in seconds. This saves them time and lets them focus on how to be more illustrative during the class and how to pull their students into the subject - no matter if it`s natural sciences or humanities. The content library spans different topics ranging from anatomy, biology and geology to technology innovations and cultural artifacts. It already contains hundreds of learning objects and is expanding fast.

The beta test version of this solution, Corinth Classroom B, was introduced to public in March this year, but Corinth already has received an excited feedback from thousands of various users from all around the world. Whether we meet them face to face, or they let us know in our surveys, they all say the same: Corinth Classroom B is something we have been waiting for.

Many of them are teachers and education experts. It`s them who has keys for classroom innovation and we have been listening to them very carefully in our extensive research. You can join them too! By filling out our Classroom B Feedback Questionnaire, you can contribute to the development of Corinth Classroom and help us shape the tool towards your needs. That`s why we made Corinth Classroom B! Visit, download the beta version, try it and let us know what you think.

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