It's fun

Corinth Classroom is filled with awesome interactive objects that put a cool twist on learning. Be the first to play with over 350 realistic models that brings lessons to life.

Visit our CONTENT LIBRARY and see for yourself!

Show them what you got

Prepare yourself for the amazed stare of your classmates when you show off your stunning visual aids. Wheter for school or fun, Corinth gives you more freedom to show them what you've got!

Explore deeper, see more

Have you ever wondered what a hair or a leaf would look like if you were standing on it? Corinth Classroom brings you details hidden to a human eye. So explore the world around you - there is so much to discover!

Makes School Easier

Forget cramming and get the grades you want. From memory excercises to students projects, these stunning 3D objects will stick with you when you need it the most. Master the pro skills that future leaders need!